The Mission

Our democracy and our freedoms are sacred to all Americans.  Our military is, and has always been, the guardian of those freedoms. Geared up to gamble utilizing lightning link casino.  Less than one percent of our nation is enlisted in our all-volunteer Armed Forces.  For over a decade, America has carried out two war fronts and several theaters of conflict across the globe, and this small group has sacrificed to defend us.

The heavy burden placed on America’s sons and daughters is well understood. Less so is the continuing consequence of that service when our heroes return home.

There are currently 435,000 unemployed veterans, of which close to 250,000 are between 18 and 54 years of age. There are 145,000 post 9/11 veterans unemployed. These statistics from the Veterans Benefits Administration, don’t take into consideration the vast number of veterans who are drastically underemployed.

We are currently losing twenty-two veterans every day to suicide, a loss of one Veteran one every hour and five minutes. Divorce, domestic violence, and substance abuse have become a national epidemic with no end in sight.

This is nothing new and sadly should have been expected. We lost over 150,000 Vietnam Veterans to suicide after combat operations had ended, three times more than we lost in the war itself.

Government cannot not solve these problems alone, it’s too big. Help and hope is found in the acquisition of self-empowering tools and training, through gainful employment and opportunities for self employment. Solutions have to come from private and public companies, philanthropic organizations and leaders of industry with new ideas and commitment.

EE’s primary mission is to provide opportunity that fits the skills and emotional makeup of many of the 250,000 unemployed vets between 25 and 44 years old or older

Veterans – America’s Great Resource

Enabled Enterprises was founded by veterans with the objective of supporting their fellow comrades-in-arms with issues they face in post military life.  To this end:

EE has created the opportunity for veterans and spouses to partner in business.

EE is creating awareness of veteran issues through live theatrical productions performed by veterans and a documentary series for national video distribution.

EE with partners Sun Health Technologies and MedSun Engineering has developed technology for the treatment of TBI and MS.

EE working with doctors has developed natural supplements dealing with veterans heath and emotional issues.

The company will base its growth on the belief that veterans, when given a chance, have unending possibilities. We recognize America’s veterans as an incredible national resource.

Enabled Enterprises is a veteran owned company that strives to be a model for empowering, enabling and supporting veterans across the USA.

Profit Model

In order for EE to achieve its mission of providing support and employment, the company has created a for profit model for independent veteran entrepreneurs to sell and distribute EE’s unique products.  By creating Enabled Enterprises to be profitable, we are at the same time creating a model and the knowledge to help our veterans be profitable and successful.

To fulfill this mission, EE, in conjunction with our manufacturing partners, have developed an exclusive and unique line of saleable products. EE’s low cost of goods and elimination of middlemen, results in significant earnings for our veteran entrepreneurs. Selling only one EE-750 Electric Bike or electric vehicle a month can create an extra $10,000/year income. More importantly, between these products and our line of homeopathic and natural supplements, Freedom Trax, a committed veteran can create a $10,000-$150,000+ business.

EE provides training and support for veterans to have success, independence and empowerment. This model requires minimal investment, while providing veterans with the tools to succeed, working full or part time.

EE believes its programs will provide our mission driven veterans with hope, encouragement and a new life focus.

In October of 2014, we lost our good friend, founder and military hero Casey Owens. We dedicate Enabled Enterprises to his memory. Our efforts to create employment, business opportunities, jobs and medical and emotional support for our veterans, will continue in Casey’s honor. 

While on a rescue mission to save a comrade, he was severely injured and as a result lost both of his legs. Casey was awarded multiple medals for his bravery and was honored by President Bush at his inauguration.

Casey endured many physical and psychological battles as a result of his service. On Oct 15, 2014 he succumbed to his PTSD. He was interned at Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors.

May he rest in peace.