Medical Technology

Medical Technology for the Treatment and Prevention of TBI & PTSD

Sun Health Technologies, LLC, and MediSun Engineering, LLC, both funded by EE co-founder Larry Spatz, have developed breakthrough phototherapy technology that has significant scientific potential for the prevention and treatment of concussion, TBI and PTSD.

Clinical Device

The initial clinical medical device developed delivers UVB Vitamin D phototherapy that mimics the sun’s beneficial effects to increase vitamin D, improve cognitive and physical performance and healing and enhance the immune system to prevent neurological injury. Based on multiple studies and research, the medical phototherapy device has the potential to increase mood and energy while reducing other symptoms of PTSD. It has the potential to help prevent and mitigate the risks and symptoms of brain injury. The device is currently in clinical trials at The University of Illinois.

Personal Medical Device

MediSun Engineering has developed a personal and portable device, the MediSun, which will deliver the same UVB phototherapy benefits but will be used in clinical and field settings. This revolutionary device is portable for convenient and effective use in the field or residence by individual active duty service members and veterans. The portable device will be less expensive than the cost of a month’s supply of pharmaceutical interventions for the treatment of TBI and PTSD.

Reversing Brain Damage

MediSun Engineering, LLC is developing the MediSunRed, which is a portable and personal medical device that delivers red light photomodulation to potentially treat and repair damaged tissue in the brain resulting from TBI, concussion and PTSD.

Clinical Trials

Enabled Enterprises will coordinate clinical trials with the military and professional sports leagues as to the benefits of Sun Health and Medi-Sun’s medical technology. The first clinical trials began at The University of Illinois in early 2015. Sun Health Technologies and EE are in discussion with many institutions as to clinical trials using this technology.